About us

About Syed Sweets

Syed Sweet has made new revolution in the history of various sweets, we are very happy to introduce you our 45years traditional monopoly sweet through online shopping, the name which produce mouth water while think about Syed sweet who already tasted. Syed Usman M.com.M.phil proprietor of Syed's sweets cordially invites you all to taste our yummy and mind blowing Egg sweet.

Our History


Syed's egg sweet was invented by my father Syed Gaffar in 1970. He was a normal sweet maker, one day he wanted to do something different from normal sweets, so he has took milk, sugar, egg and ghee for his revolutionary product, milk has boiled until condensed and added other three ingredients, baked it through charcoal fire, finally he got a new sweet and served personally to the relations they were very appreciated and advised to do commercially along with other sweets . At last he has brought the egg sweets to the market and named as ANDE-K- MITTHAI which means EGG SWEET.

Success in Marketing:

Syed Gaffar has launched successfully his new and very delicious product in market. Earlier to this Egg sweet took place only in home functions and marriages. At first people thought that this would be some simple kind of sweet by its texture. After tasting Egg Sweet people changed their thoughts about it. Later when it was brought commercially, Sales of his new Egg product slowly increased and reached a standard place in the market and everyone's heart.

The main reason for our success is we don't do any other bakery business as we concentrate completely in our Egg sweet production only. In early stage we used charcoal fire to prepare our sweet and it was handmade. Later our huge success, we have launched a factory fully of machines and ovens and the baking process was completely machine made with same traditional taste which have addicted our customers to love our product.

Our Motto:

Giving the best and only best to our thousands of valuable customers is our only motto and mission. Since 45 years, we don't have any competitors. So many business men approached us and got the preparing formula of our Egg sweet but nobody got the Original taste as we are giving to the our customers. They got back from their competitive mind and honored our rich taste and still supporting us by giving huge orders. We have our root all over the world. We have customers across India and in some countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Australia and many more.

As a huge milestone in our journey of 45 years, we are very proud and happy to bring our product to sale online. As per the wish and request of our customers all over the globe we step in our new mission and we expect your hearty support. We assure you that our product is completely hygienic and very good for health. Your promotion will be the best motivation for us.

About our Delicious product:

Egg sweet is the only sweet in the world which is none floured sweet, contains bulk amount of proteins, calcium and calories other than sweet. Each kilogram contains the strength of 10 eggs, 5 liters of milk (condensed), 100ml pure cow ghee, sugar without hand touch it would be remains same till the last day without changing its taste. Egg sweet is liked by all category age people. Children and aged people like our product for its rich taste which they can't find in any other sweets. Syed's Egg sweet takes an important place in the marriages and other home functions of VIPs all over south India.

We are really happy about our new mission and wishing your good response for our Success.